Welcome to the APLib Documentation v0.4

What does APLib mean? Well, it means "All Purpose Library". This is a library for Minecraft's Computercraft that aims to make a lot of things much easier to do (like drawing on the screen or making GUIs). I advise you to check the examples or the old attempt at a documentation while the new documentation is being made.

Updated to APLib 1.26.0

Terminal arguments

Terminal arguments are arguments with which you can open the library to do simple stuff like getting its version or starting a new project.

  • "libfile" ver Will print on the screen the current version of the library.
  • "libfile" setup Will make a new entry in CraftOS's settings called "APLibPath", it's a string that contains where the library is located on the computer's storage.
  • "libfile" create [PATH] Will make PATH a new file that loads the library automatically if setup was done else it will return with an error telling the user to set it up.